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I got a Corvair engine core from my friend David York and after the case gets a through checkup by Kevin Fahy & William Wynne, a cleaning in the environmental cleaner, and being blasted by walnut shells in William's Scat Blast Cabinet I can really get to work on it.

Went to William Wynne's hanger today and he inspected some of my core motor parts. I pressed my rods off of the pistons so they can be reconditioned and balanced. Needless to say, the stock cast pistons are in the trash.

Cleaned the jugs, push rods and push rod tubes tonight. this was not a through cleaning, mainly a degreasing and inspection of the parts.
They sure were grungy!

Had a few issues.

I have one cylinder with a good size part of the cooling fin missing and another with a small piece of a fin broken off (not pictured).

I have one bent push rod that is unacceptable.

Not hard to tell what tube it was from.

But the other tubes and push rods look ok. There is a small dent in another tube but I don't think it will be a problem. I'll ask William to have a look at it next time I go to his hanger.
Updated 2-8-2005: William Wynne says the small dent is not an issue. I think I'll try running a socket through the tube to knock the dent completely out though.

More part inspection and cleaning today. Not really a through cleaning but more getting the gunk off. I'm giving all the metal parts a bath in a solution of Goo-Gone and hot water then going after them with a dish scrub brush. It really does an amazing job of removing years or road grime, grease, and old oil. It will dry out any o-rings or gaskets so take them all off first. It also makes my garage smell like an orange grove.