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Aircraft Selection
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Detailed Cost

I have a few criteria here:

  • At least 2 seats (although 4 would be nice).
  • All metal or wood and composite construction.
  • Closed in cockpit (an open cockpit in winter would not make me happy).
  • Room for a 6'2" 240lb pilot, Me, and my 6' tall Fiance', Cindy
  • At least 3 hours cross country endurance.
  • Easy Build - I don't want this project to take forever and a day. If I need a bending brake It's probably not a good project for me.
  • PRICE! (How much is it going to cost me to finish this aircraft?)
  • >120 mph cruse.
  • Able to use either a converted Corvair or VW engine.
  • It's GOT to LOOK COOL!

I seriously considered a few of aircraft:

Aircraft Sonex, Ltd. Waiex KR-2s Volksplane VP-2
2, side by side
2, side by side
2, side by side
Wood & Composite
Fuel Capacity
16 gal, Header Tank
24 gal,Wing Tanks
14 gal, Header Tank
Cruise Speed
170 mph
180 mph
120 mph
Rate of Climb
1200 fpm
1200 fpm
800 fpm
Cockpit Width 40 in modified to 44 in 36 in
Useful Load 520 lb 460 lb 420
Configuration Tricycle or Tail Wheel, Y-Tail Tricycle or Tail Wheel, Conventional Tail Wheel, Conventional
Kit Price (no options)

I initially was going to build a Volksplane VP-2 but in order to make it a real cross country cruiser that I'll comfortable with it is going to require a total redesign. I even went so far as to design a new aircraft loosely based on the VP-2 but it turned out looking a lot like the KR-2.

After talking to a few KR builders who have widened KR's I feel that doing this fairly common mod to the KR-2S would be a much better project for a first time builder like myself.

The Winner is...

The KR-2s

It offers excellent performance with the Corvair engine, a method on construction that I am confident I can learn quickly, and should make a great little cross country aircraft.

The KR-2S is also financially doable for me. This is a major factor!

Stay tuned to see how the build is going.