Visit to The Corvair Authority William Wynne

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Visit to The Corvair Authority William Wynne

Postby Sean_Caranna » Sat Jan 22, 2005 8:48 pm

My good friend David York brought me out to Massy Ranch Airpark to meet William and the Corvair gang today. I am building a corvair engine to power my airplane.

William gave me the dime tour and an overview of the projects going on at the hangar. This is one busy place! The hangar was filled to the brim with engines, airplanes, and diagnostic equipment.

William proved to be both very knowledgeable and personable. Without hesitation he offered to help with every aspect of the firewall forward build. My engine block is being run though his environmental cleaner this week and I should be able to start turning wrenches next weekend. The final decision to purchase his manual and "Fly Corvair" was an easy one after talking to William.

I'm sure that anyone who has met William or been to his hangar will recommend the trip to anyone with an interest in experimental aviation.

All told, William and the Corvair crew are a class act.
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Postby N601LV » Sat Jan 29, 2005 3:01 am

man oh man, another discussion group!!! I will post a little about my experience w/ William Wynne and his crazy corvair.

My friend Vince and I are building a 601 xl around St.Louis, MO at Smartte field (KSET). We went down to William's facility for Corvair College #8 at the last minute since we had just received our engine core and a whole bunch of parts from another builder that did not complete his project. Vince drove all night to get the engine from St.Louis to Florida. When we arrived William wasted no time in checking out our engine. You may read more about this visit on my website, so I won't waste any more time here, but I wanted to post a little about our final visit last month.

We went back to William's place last month to do the final assembly and test run of our engine. It took less than a week and we had a very good running engine. It fired up on the 2nd blade and ran strong w/ no leaks at all. You can see video of this on my website as well. The Corvair Authority crew is so knowledgeable and helpful. As you can see by the videos and pictures on my website we all had a great time down there and we're all looking forward to getting N601LV into the air asap.

Blah blah blah...I also wanted to throw out that we may be having a very mini night school for anyone interested in corvair power for their airplane at our hangar w/ William Wynne next month when he does his midwest tour. I haven't talked to William lately about it, but last time I checked if there were enough people interested we could have it at my hangar around St.Louis, MO.

Feel free to email or PM me if you are interested, or for any reason at all.
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