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Engines available for the Ridge Runner Ultralight

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 12:41 pm
by singforsupper
What engines are available for the Ridge Runner Ultralight? Also, honestly, has the FAA ever weighed an ultralight to see if it is 254lb? I would be trailering mine so it would never be around the airport unless I am with it. Basically I want to build a Ridge Runner Ultralight and have an 80hp. engine, a BRS 1350 softpack parachute, wing tanks and a few extra instruments and electric start.

Also, has anyone built one in many stages so that cash layout per stage is as lo as possible?

Last question... since the plane is so light, has anyone used a modified light boat trailer to store and haul? I am thinking that a trailer normally used for a 16' boat might work with modifications. If there were three larger treads and custom welded frame on the basic boat trailer it might work well and be much lighter and less expensive than a regular 20' hauler. It could then be towed by most any car.