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PostPosted: Thu Feb 19, 2015 7:30 am
by aeropup.comercial
Hi guys

I´m brand new in the forum.

I´d like to introduce you the AEROPUP Aircraft. You´ll find lots of info in the website

Australian designed and manufactured by John Cotton for years and still flying with a perfect safety record!!

I have a personal goal to achieve. To Provide a safe, easy and low cost aircarft to everyone who feels the need of flying. The Aeropup is perfect for that goal.

To enter new markets I am searching for companies interested in manufacturing and marketing our model, so we don´t generate a new competitor while take advantage of your network and your market knowledge.

The Aeropup is very simple so it will not represent too much headaches for the future manufacturer.

Please, if you think that this is interesting please let me know, cause it is impossible to achieve my goal by paying shippings and customs costs...

Thanks in advance for your attention

Best regards,