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Titan Tornado...

Postby Jguy101 » Fri Oct 28, 2005 10:07 pm

I'm interested in an aircraft I could possibly operate out of a private strip, instead of hauling it to an airport. I was looking at the Sonex, and liked it because of the price, and the standard engine (the AeroVee, which is not only cheaper than a Rotax, but since it's a converted VW it may be able to run on alcohol if gas prices skyrocket). However, takeoff and landing isn't the best, and although you can get 300 foot takeoff and landing rolls from the Xenos motorglider model, you can't forget you'd need a really wide runway.

Well, the Titan Tornado looks like it'd be good, but I'm curious: could you mount an AeroVee on it instead of a Rotax?

Any help is appreciated. :)
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Postby mr157ifhz » Sat Nov 26, 2005 2:21 pm

My brother and I purchased a 912s powered Tornado this fall. I can tell you, it is a fantastic airplane. We fly from a 600ft grass strip, no problem at all for this plane. We cruise at 125mph (5000rpm), climb 1200fpm (two up, full fuel) and can plop down in most any short strip. Ours has the 26ft wing, and extended gear legs. Go to the Titan Yahoo! group, there is lot of info there to be had, maybe someone has used the VW derivative. I fly behind a Subaru in my Lil Buzzard, also an excellent engine. For short fields, a geared engine will most always achive better takeoff and climb performance. Compare the Jabiru 80hp, vs the 912 80hp: cruise would be very close, but the 912 walks away on takeoff. The Rotax 912 series engines are modern engines. Ethanol is especially hard on rubber seals. Most newer engines have synthetic rubber, which stands up much better to the ethanol. The Rotax 4-strokes would work just as well burning ethanol as any other engine.
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