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Building Fuselage

PostPosted: Fri Dec 03, 2004 4:59 am
by bedebuilder
I got my hands on a 1973 Bede 5 B model. Im first starting out by building the fuselage. My question is how do i go about installing the rivets but having them flush with the skin? Do i need a certain tool or is there a method of going about doing it? Your help would be greatly appreciated.
thanks a lot,

By the way this is my first attempt at building an aircraft but i am very experienced with sheet metal work "30 years."

PostPosted: Wed Dec 08, 2004 1:09 pm
by Outlaw
First, read your construction manual before doing ANYTHING. If you need flush rivets, the type will be called out in the instructions.
Second, you might want to contact BD-Micro as they have put a lot of effort into making the BD-5 a safe aircraft. There may be modifications that they have made that you might want to incorporate into your project.
Third, contact your local EAA chapter. There are builders there that have years of experience poppin' and rockin' in rivets. They can help you considerably.
I would highly recommend doing research on the BD-5 to find out what you are getting into. The BD-5 can be a safe plane but it takes time, skill and attention to detail in order to do it right.
This is not an easy plane to build OR fly. It is an aircraft that demands a commitment to safety at every step of the project.
Buy the book BD-Micro sells called "The BD-5 Source Catalog". It's not the most well organized manual I've ever seen but it does contain a lot of very valuable information designed to make your project better.
You might also call BD-Micro. Skeeter, the owner, can be very helpful and is very friendly and willing to help.
Good luck on your project!