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Postby dizenexxus » Thu Jul 30, 2009 12:30 am

i second the notion!  i became interested in building (or hiring someone to build) one of these "cruisers" quite a while ago...it seems to me the site is quite dead.  it's a shame because i have cash and this is something i'd really like to do, or at least pay someone to do :-p.....has anyone ordered one of these in the past few years and had everything turn out ok?  it's hard for me to accept using a corvair engine or anything resembling one...anyone have any cool alternatives?  fuel economy is cool and all but i'd rather the thing be able to maintain a real nice cruise speed as i plan on commuting over multiple hours at a time with the thing if i were able to acquire one. any feedback is appreciated! 719-357-0282, any information that can get me closer to having one of these things in the air.  i decided this was what i wanted instead of a new car :)
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