912 Radiator Question

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912 Radiator Question

Postby Johnny C! » Wed Nov 10, 2010 1:49 pm

Hey Gang!
I was able to pick up a slightly used
radiator for my 912. I would like
to test it, but I'm concerned about
taking it to an automotive radiator
shop. Can I get some in put on how to
test it properly?


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Re: 912 Radiator Question

Postby alan » Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:59 pm


I have had good luck in the past, early '90s, with a 582 radiator and the local radiator shop. To test it yourself, determine the running pressure of the system. It should be on the radiator cap. Seal off all exits and pump in carefully regulated air up to the running pressure. Emmerse in a bucket of clean water and check for bubble streams. Did I mention you should be careful about overpressure? If you don't wish to take a chance yourself, go to a long established auto radiator shop. Those guys know a great deal about radiators. Talk to the boss, not just whoever walks up. Tell them what you want done and the psi rating. They will even take the end caps off and check for corrosion and flow through the tubes. Don't mention aircraft as some businesses don't want the liability.

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