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New Builder

Postby beakon20 » Mon Mar 02, 2009 10:22 pm

I've been following the Vision aircraft for years. Not much activity but I keep coming back to it for some reason. Finally decided to start building. I guess we will see how it goes. Anyways starting to build in the next few months and will keep the status of the project updated here for now.

Hope to see some flying within the next few years.
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Re: New Builder

Postby g obrien » Mon Jul 19, 2010 12:17 pm

A possible tip or two. WhenI built my wing, I cut the ribs of course, a little larger than the airfoil line I drew in ink about 1/8 inch. I also cut out the ribs above where the spars would go leaving about 1/2nch so that they slid over the spars[my wing had a rear spar] and kept their relation to the nose rib part to the center part and the trailing edge part until they were lined up squared and shimed and glassed to the spars front and back sides right and left, then after set up, these over and under the spar additions were ground off. Another big tip I found was when putting on the flange shelfs to suport, latter on, the top and bottom foam pices in the bays. I had my wing spar supported in the middle on a pile of stacked concrete blocks and two thin boards so I could roll it over fairly easily then support the aft spar location and supports outboard to stabilise the whole wing. I then placed some semiflexable plastic soffite under the wing taped, clamped and suported under the ribs so as to mimmick a wing skin. Then I put my tape covered foam taped to the plastic soffit in the bottom corner of the bays, and used gravity and a clear view of the bottom corners to lay up the flanges as opposed to working under the edges of the foam on the underside of the top. When the Bottom was done, I rolled the wing over to do the top side now on the bottom with gravity and a clear view to help. I think this way saved a lot of sweat.
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