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Wag Aero Wing Kit

PostPosted: Sat Nov 27, 2010 10:10 am
by stanmehrhoff
If you are considering buying a wing kit from Wag Aero, don't. I ordered a clipped wing kit for J-3 we are building. They were advertised as pilot drilled. They wern't. When I ask the company about the predrilling I was told by Tom that they did not have a drill fixture for the clipped wing. The plans were not sent with them. When I did get plans they were for a wood spar. I called the company and got a new set of dimensions to drill the spars. I soon found out that they were not going to work either. I called again. Tom went to the shop and measured the holes on the drill fixture, the one they don't have I guess. They appear that they will work. I have built and rebuilt several airplanes. This kit is the absolute worst there is. Don't buy it. Most kits have instructions, i.e., do this first, do this second, etc. Wag Aero has nothing. Spend the extra money and get a good kit.