Highlander or Kitfox?

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Re: Highlander or Kitfox?

Postby Big John » Tue Apr 20, 2010 9:25 am

Really depends on what you truly want or need to do, If you are not concerned about cruising at 115+ and truly only need STOL then the Highlander may be your best choice, I believe the stall is about 8mph lower in the Highlander from those I have been around vs the Kitfox ( at least the version 5 I fly) but the Kitfox has a higher cruise speed by 10 -15mph or even more and still has a very slow STOL I am around 30mph on touchdown with 250 pilot 3/4 fuel and 65lbs of cargo. As far as takeoff, I am off in less than 200' without any problem so there is no problem getting out of anything I can get into. A couple of other points, The Highlander has a larger cargo area however I find that the cargo area in my S-5 is big enough for anything I want to cary (10cuft). Also the Kitfox is designed to take larger engines should you ever want to do that like the 235 or IO-240.

Just my 2 cents.
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