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Just checking...

PostPosted: Mon Jan 03, 2005 8:25 pm
by pollus
Ah something new! Ummm let's try a picture...

New Kolb List

PostPosted: Fri Jan 07, 2005 1:13 am
by Classicmark111
It is great to see a new place for Kolb aircraft discussions with the ability to post pictures. It will be good to meet some new Kolb flyers. I look forward to KOLB discussions without all the other off topic crap that other lists have from time to time. This site has an Off Topic Discussions area, I sure hope it is used for political opinions, etc, etc.


PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 8:15 am
by pollus
Wow! Landing on a deserted beach! That must be great!

Here in Europe one is mostly confined to airstrips. Which is not bad in case of wanting to show off and drink coffee with the guys, but being able to just land anywhere looks so cool!

To stay on topic: did you modify your plane for beach landings? Like bigger wheels or deflating the tyres?

PostPosted: Sun Jan 09, 2005 10:58 pm
by Classicmark111
I land about 50 to 100 feet from the water’s edge, the sand is damp and firm. A car could be driven on the damp sand. Farther away from the water’s edge the sand is dry and only four wheel drive quads would venture. I use the standard wheels the came with the kit.
The only hazard is uneven areas of sandbanks created by waves when the water was higher. I over fly the area and pick the best stretch of beach. I have landed on this lake shore many times over the last 15 years with this ultralight and a previous single seat ultralight.