Flagstaff, AZ

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Flagstaff, AZ

Postby flion » Sat Jan 01, 2005 12:50 pm

My name is Pat Kelley and I'm building an RV-6A in Flagstaff, AZ. It's pretty lonely up here. I've only seen one other RV and it's long since been created. If there are any local builders, I'd love to hear from you. Phoenix area builders are also of interest because I'm sure to need to go there for final assembly and flight test anyway. A big hello to everyone else.
RV-6A - fuselage upright, seats going in.
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RV-6A Landing Gear

Postby ch701builder » Sat Jan 01, 2005 4:21 pm

Howdy Mr. Kelley,

Happy New Year!!

I am not building an RV but I am building a Smyth Sidewinder. I have heard that some people have used RV landing gear on their planes. Do you know where I could get some information about buying some individual main and nose landing gear for the RV-6A?

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PHX 6A builder

Postby kellyp » Sun Jan 02, 2005 10:28 pm

Hi Pat, My name is Kelly Patterson (interesting coincidence) and I am a first time RV-6A builder in Phoenix. I'm currently in the finishing stage moving to the wiring and firewall forward portion. I have met other RV builders (4 so far) in the Phoenix area and can get you advice or support if you need it. I'm not sure why you could not final construct or flight test in the Flag area, unless you want more suitable emergency sites in the PHX area. Deer Valley seems to be tha only place without a hangar waiting list. By the way - the Scottsdale EAA group is one of the better homebuilt groups I've seen in Arizona. One thing you will gain is a thorough understanding of how little work the prepunched and quickbuild types have to do! I've seen both. Good luck on your project and you are welcome to visit mine and my friends. Kelly
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Postby flion » Fri Jan 14, 2005 10:44 pm

Keith, I am not sure if Van's (www.vansaircraft.com) will sell gear seperately or not. They can be funny about such things, especially if they feel that it might be a liability issue. You won't know until you ask.

Kelly (hmmm, are people going to confuse us?), I have considered finishing up here but I'd feel more comfortable with a little more air density and a more experienced support crew. Out of curiosity, how are you powering your 6A? I'm planning on a Lyc O-360 and a fixed metal prop.

Thanks both of you for saying hi.

RV-6A - fuselage upright, seats going in.
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Postby jlanglin44 » Sat Jan 15, 2005 12:17 am

Do yourself a favor and go with a constant speed prop on a 160. You won't have any trouble with the altitude and you'll have better cruise speed and economy.

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Avionics Pre Wire!!!!

Postby gray8stuff » Mon May 30, 2005 1:38 am

Hello Homebuilders!!!

   My name is Jason Gray.  I have created a cost effective way to get all homebuilders in need of avionics up and flying.  I can Pre Wire your avionics stack for less than half the cost of an avionics shop can install it.  For the most part you all are either going to haul your plane down to a shop, attempt the wiring yourself, or order a pre wired harness and put it in the plane with very little effort.   If there are any questions out there, please feel free to drop me an email.  I take questions, can offer suggestions and will respond to your emails quickly.  If you have a stack of equipment in mind or need the job done now, just list this in your email and I'll provide you with a free and accurate quote.  No jobs too small!  If you need an encoder hooked to a transponder, I can do anything you need....To a certain extent!  You can visit my ebay auction if you would like as well, There I have a picture of a garmin stack I Pre Wired as an example of my work.  I do custom work for YOU!  I'm not a factory that makes you fit their harnesses in your plane.  I do the job to your specifications.   Please click this link or copy and paste:


Many Thanks for looking!!!

Jason Gray
[email protected]
Pre Wire Example
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I can pre wire your avionics stack.  Please contact me for more info and a fast and free quote.
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