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Some pics

PostPosted: Fri Nov 16, 2007 1:31 pm
by Uwe Jens
Hi Guys
These are some pics of my project.  Since I had to bring the kit from the maritime port on a truck since the box was completely destroyed in the travel.  Some pics are on the building process, thanks for all the suggestions you gave me, specially with the I-beams.  I did not have any trouble at all.  What I did is to let the I-beam get cold and introduce it into the spar.  They got in easy.  
I am also placing some pics on a problem a friend of mine had with his engine.  He has a Rotax 912, and made a lot of changes on the fuel lines, that are after the filter, he placed and released many times the rubber hoses, which produced some little pieces of rubber of the hose, he did not have the precaution of purging the lines.  This made that those little pieces of rubber go to the carburators and close the main jets, causing a power lost and he had to realize an emergency.  He had no other trouble than a new damaged aircraft. Be careful when you work on the fuel lines.  Please see on the pictures the rubber pieces in the buttom of  the carburatorĀ“s cup.  
Uwe/. :)