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Postby DaveU » Thu Jan 24, 2008 1:18 pm

First the obvious.  Do you have the oil lines routed correctly.  the "out" on the tank goes through the oil cooler to the oil pump, and the "in" comes from the banjo nut on the bottom of the engine case.  Double check the lines for correct routing through your thermostat as well.

The procedure in the installation manual that came on cd with my engine states that you fill the suction line from the "out" side of the oil tank with oil, this means all the way through the oil cooler to the oil pump.  I removed the oil line from the oil pump and verified that oil was all the way to the oil pump.  You then reconnect the line to the oil tank and "WITH THE IGNITION OFF"  turn the engine over with the starter until steady minimum oil pressure is read.  

If you have been hand turning the propellor trying to get oil pressure, you will not be able to turn it fast enough.  Make sure the engine does not start, the ignition must be off.  Do not just remove the spark plug wires from the plugs, the ignition modules could be damaged in that manner.

beyond this, I do not know what else to try.

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Postby scubarider » Thu Jan 24, 2008 2:14 pm

Thanks guys.  I will once again recheck the hose connections looking at the thermostat again.  
What is up with the bulletin SI 912-018?  Using up to 15psi to force oil in through the system.  
Dave, I just don't have the proper knowledge I guess but the way it is wired I have to turn on the bus power to get power to the starter, so the only way to spin the prop without turning the key like to start it is to remove the plug wires so it will not actually start.  
I had the guy, Bob who builds some planes for Just Aircraft come out and help wire it up.  
Will be out this evening looking it over again and trying to heat her up to see if the oil will run easier.  It is like honey right now in this cold.  
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Postby gme9261236 » Thu Jan 24, 2008 3:46 pm


  Turn on the master,leave the ignition off,disconect the small lead from the stater relay,and
connect a remote stater switch or jumper from the hot side of the relay to the small termanal
to crank the stater

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Postby scubarider » Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:45 pm

THANKS so much guys.  You have been great.  After all is said and done.....pulled the thermostat from the housing that I put around it and rechecked the connections.  A friend and I put it in and did it pretty fast.  Connected two sides wrong.   :oops:   Stretched the hoses to the other sides and wahoooo...oil pressure.  Now have to order the blue oil hose and reposition the thermostat so no strain or too small a turn radius.  I feel like a dope.  Sorry to have caused such a stir with all the brain power going.   :roll:    So, maybe next week when I get the hose in and everything else is done I can report that I have started #130 nose wheel and all.  You guys are great.  Not sure what I would have done without this site and all of the advice and guidance.
Will post some pictures of the finished product both engine and plane asap.  
It is 20 degrees and wind at 24mph...brrrrrr
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Living life on the edge makes me dizzy.  I love Dizzy!
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Postby Uwe Jens » Thu Jan 24, 2008 8:50 pm

Hi Dennis
I agree with Dave.  You need to ground the ignition modules so they don´t suffer of damages and so the engine does not start,  just to have a reading pressure the engine has to rotate minimum 200 RPM this you will accomplish with the starter,  I pressume all your problem is based on a bad appreciation of the installation manual.  If you crancked the engine manually and heard a noise inside the oil tank, you already have oil in the engine,  if the pump is not working you´ll never have oil in the tank.   I think all your work is well done, you just need to crank the engine with the starter.
Let me know how it is working,
PS:  For your security you can place some little oil thru the  spark plug hole ( just a little maybe 2 cc) this will help the pistons lubrication until the engine purges all the air from the oil system and will not produce a damage from rotating the engine without oil.
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