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Funny Little Wheel Up Front

PostPosted: Tue Mar 25, 2008 3:18 pm
by scubarider2
For those of you with the funny little wheel up front instead of the back....Troy told me to add more washers inbetween the shock absorbers.  The manual calls for one inbetween each.  He is suggesting to put 3 between each.  This will draw the wheel closer to the plane giving a better prop ground clearance.  My hangar has a gravel road leading to the grass strip.  I have already picked up one and put a mark on my prop.  Anything will help.  

p.s.  I flew the bird in 20+mph crosswinds this past weekend.  Not intentional.  Weather called for 10mph.  Late afternoon it really picked up.  Just wanted to let  you know she flew great in these wild mountain winds.  Got pretty "bumpy" coming home.  Landing was pretty hairy  :shock:   But all is good  :wink: