If I were to build another one.

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If I were to build another one.

Postby alan » Thu Jul 10, 2008 11:17 pm

If I were to build another one, I would:

1. Put the fuel vents just outboard of the fuel caps. As it is you cannot completely fill the tanks as the edges of the filler hole captures maybe a gallon of air in the upper portion of the tanks.

2. Put some kind of buffer material, maybe some weatherstrip, between the upper forward headrack windshield former and the windshield material. It rattles something fierce during taxi.

3. Get the tuned 4-into-1 header system and use a motorcycle muffler something like what Lynn is using instead of the Toucan mufflers. The Toucan requires a heavy cross brace between the tail pipes to keep from shearing off the locating rivet and, just by it's design, has to have more horsepower robbing backpressure than the newer header system. And Lynn's is so quiet!

4. Use the Polyfiber system all the way through final paint. I used polyurethane paint and now I will have a serious problem repairing any damage as MEK will not strip it off. Woe is me!

5. Paint all exposed powder coated parts. The contractor Just uses puts the bare minimun thickness on all parts and now I have rusting struts and cross bracing in the cockpit. The powder coating should be considered as primer only.

There will probably be some other stuff I'll remember later and I'll add it. Feel free to add your own thoughts.

Alan (starting second annual inspection with 190 hours)
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Second Build

Postby Wes » Fri Jul 11, 2008 9:48 am

Good thoughts and right on track from my observations of finished planes that have some time on them.
Maybe the rust problem wouldn't affect those in drier climates, but here in FL and I know in TX it is a MAJOR problem.
Thanks for sharing, since you probably have one of the 'high-time' birds.

GL on the annual.

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