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Completed annual condition inspection

PostPosted: Wed Jul 23, 2008 11:49 pm
by alan
Completed the second annual today. There were no problems at all. Greased, oiled, cleaned, inspected. yada, yada. The good part was the leak down test. I had some doubt as to the results as this was the first time I had used my new L/D tester from Aircraft Tools. The airport owner wandered by so I asked him was I doing it right. He said yeah, but I should ask Steve in the hanger next door, mainly because his Subaru was barely in the acceptable range despite having far less hours than our Rotax. He was a little gripy but took the ribbing good naturedly as well as confirming my technique. Enough delay.

Cylinder #1: 80/78, Cylinder #2 80/78, Cylinder #3 80/78, Cylinder #4 80/79.

Rotax says can go as low as 80/60. Actually they said to use 87/67 but that, in my opinion, is just because it coincides with some even bar type measurement. In the good ole USA we use 80psi. Don't we? Rotax sure makes a good, tight, engine. Only 1300 hours to go to overhaul.

All I have to do now is wait for Dolly to go away and then go for my Mode C and ELT recertification and we're good for another year.