Highlander for sale

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Highlander for sale

Postby alan » Wed Aug 27, 2008 8:50 pm

Lynn, you are selling your airplane? Are you going to build another? What about the fly-in just before Sun & Fun next year?????????????????????????????????????

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My Highlander

Postby Lynng » Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:21 pm


I love my airplane, but I also would like to make a little money on the side for my time.  I still have the Escapade Kit that is covered.  If my Highlander sells first I will finish the Escapade on Tri gear and sell it at Sebring.  If my Escapade sells you will not be able to pry my Highlanders out of my fingers with a crowbar.  I need one of them to find a new home.  I am perfectly capable of building another Highlander in less time then I spent on the first one now that I know how it goes together.  

Thanks for asking.....I will have a bird next SnF don't worry.

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Highlander for sale

Postby Roger » Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:26 pm

Please don't scare us like that.
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