aerodynamic float strut lift step fab

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aerodynamic float strut lift step fab

Postby Dave Krall CFII SEL SES » Mon Mar 15, 2010 3:02 pm

The extruded angle Al from Aerocet we received is far better than simple folded angle we've found. It is exceptionally strong, with a beefed up interior around the acute interior angle and a beefed up, radiused edge mass plus moulded in treads on the actual step bearing surface.

We designed it to extend beyond the struts in both the aft and forward aspects. The extension aft is for swimmers to step on and climb up into the opened turtle hatch/cargo area for diving off the fuselage edge, so as to not need to go through the cockpit area and get it wet. The forward extension allows much easier fueling, fabric cover installation/removal and engine compartment access.

We also wanted a better look than the simple 90 degree straight cut off that most floatplanes settle for, so we used a differential cut with the top leaf cut off at a 30 degree sweptback and the bottom one at a 60 degree sweptback. The raw edges were then stone ground by hand held and bench griders, and then wire wheel polished smoothe in prep for for saltwater protection consisting in part, of vapor cleaning, acid etching, anodizing, 2 part epoxy primer coating and silver lacquer top coating. Final protective coats will be of Corrosion X &/or ACF 50 and good ol' Al grease, applied at regular intervals.

The selected bolt pattern for the 3 strut attachments per side will provide an advantagous AoA of the lift step in both take off and cruise. The addition of the modifications of aerodynamic nose and tail to our lift step make them look far better than the average.
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