Sullivan Lake WA RAF/WSPA Fly-In by land, sea and air....

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Sullivan Lake WA RAF/WSPA Fly-In by land, sea and air....

Postby Dave Krall CFII SEL SES » Mon May 02, 2011 10:23 pm

It's a fantastic location with an unobstructed approach over the lake (or on the lake) in a steep mountain valley but, keep an eye on DA at all times.


Summer Fly-in:
Good news! We are joining forces with the Washington Seaplane Pilot's Association (WSPA) for a fun weekend camping-work-party-fly-in August 19, 20, 21 at Sullivan Lake (09S) in Northeastern Washington. The airport is located near Metaline Falls. It's a grass strip @ 2600 feet elevation and 1765 feet long. Go to ... eState.htm & for more information.

There's plenty of room there for parking seaplanes and wheeled airplanes, and campsites are available both on the field and in the adjacent State Park. As it's envisioned, we'll all bring our own food and drink, except for Saturday night when the RAF & the WSPA will furnish steaks, corn-on-the-cob, and salad fixings.

There are great swimming, fishing and hiking opportunities at the lake. We will also try to do some field improvements and clean-up work on the runway and the camping area. More details will be provided later. Put the fly-in on your calendar and let's have some fun together! It's possible to drive to the lake should you decide not to fly-in. Come for the whole weekend, or just one day if you like. Please contact me as soon as you decide you want to come so we can get an idea how many will be participating.

RUS Progress:
If you've been following the RAF news releases you may have read about the Arizona, New Mexico, and New York Recreational Use Statutes (RUS) being modified recently in to include aviation. If you are not familiar with the significance of the RUS, go to to read about them. Currently, our RUS in Washington State does not include aviation activities.

I'm calling for RAF volunteers in our state to help change the Washington State RUS to include aviation related activities. Originally, Jim McDevitt from Spokane was going to head up a committee to get this done; however, Jim has been "overcome by events" that have pulled him out of what was to be semi-retirement. He'll still be part of our RUS effort, but, it looks like the new head of the committee is now yours truly.

Initially, we need a couple of volunteers to put together a survey of all private airports and their owners/sponsors within the state. Additionally, we'll need to hear from members who know of legislators within the state who are aviators or aviation friendly. Two that come to mind are Sen. Bob Morton (7th district) and Rep. Mark Hargrove (47th district). I'm sure there are others. We need your knowledge and help to identify them.

We've got the help of the other states that have already done this deed as well as from the RAF Board of Directors. If you are interested in getting directly involved, I'll send you the RAF guide that pertains to RUS. It outlines and suggests some steps we can take to get the RUS changed.

Please call me or email me immediately if you can help with the RAF-WA RUS project. We'll be coordinating with the WPA and AOPA to get this done. It is an important project that can really help change the face of recreational aviation within our State.

Bob Kay, RAF-WA Liaison
253-630-9086 (home)
206-818-9086 (cell)

The RAF Mission:

"Keeping the legacy of recreational aviation strong by

preserving, maintaining and creating public use

recreational and backcountry airstrips nationwide."
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