Sample letter to BLM: airstrip closures

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Sample letter to BLM: airstrip closures

Postby Dave Krall CFII SEL SES » Mon Jan 16, 2012 2:42 am

Below is a sample letter that anyone may use, preferably parapased a bit to make it more personal. Please see details in the Recreational Aviation Foundation thread.

FAXED to: (970) 876-9090


BLM CO Colorado River Valley Field Office

2300 River Frontage Road

Silt, CO 81652

Please file these comments under the topic of recreational aviation. I support the RMP language as submitted by the Recreational Aviation Foundation.

I am a pilot and flight instructor who has used such airstrip trailheads as you propose closing for over twenty years and have found pilots to be among the quietest, cleanest and most considerate of all users.

I ask that the BLM include recreational aviation and airstrips within the final CRV RMP even though there was an inadvertent omission of airstrips in the draft RMP. The Roan Cliffs and Tepee Creek airstrips need to be included in particular.

With so very few airstrip trailheads available, why do you even consider closing any of them? They take no funds to maintain, as pilots take care of them for free. The airstrips do not interfere with wildlife, as opposed to snowmobilers, dirt bikers, hikers, off-roaders, jet skiers and many others. Why have you chosen to single out and discriminate against pilots?

I have needed backcountry airstrips for emergency use more than once and your proposed exclusion of their use by the public jeopardizes safety. Also, some people can not access the wilderness without aircraft due to disabilities or age and they should not be discriminated against either.

Please include me in your future mailing lists:

David J Krall

POB 31329

Seattle WA 98103

Thank you for your time and consideration as public servants in this important matter and do not hesitate to contact me with any questions or comments.


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