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Boot Cowling and Viking Intake Manifold

PostPosted: Sun May 20, 2012 12:29 pm
by bluemax
I received my boot cowling from J.A. $245 for the cowling, $105 shipping. . . yikes!! Yes, it's a large box, but in only weighs 13 pounds. Had I known it wasn't included in the kit, I would have picked it up while I was picking up my kit back in February. I am still waiting on my other fiberglas parts. . . 13 gallon fuel tanks, Horner wing tips, etc. I'm also waiting for my door and window frames. I ordered the deluxe interior, but will have it drop shipped from the manufacturer, once I pick my colors.

I was scheduled for an April 20th delivery on my Viking HF-110 engine, but I called Jan Eggenfellner and told him to push my delivery back to a point where the newly designed tubular intake manifold will be supplied. He told me that will be in August, so I'm now on the August 20th delivery schedule. I think the tubular manifold weighs less and performs better.

I'm almost finished with my honey-do list, and then I'll be able to finish wiring and insulating my new "Highlander construction facility" and I can then begin my kit construction without any interruptions.