UK Escapade UL260i

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UK Escapade UL260i

Postby Mark Jones » Sun Sep 16, 2012 1:03 pm

Hi all.

Long time no speak.

Just thought I would all let you know that all is going fantasticly well with the UL260i engine I have installed into my Escapade Taildragger. I am Loving the power and reliability of the engien. Its easy to opperate and just keeps delivering in flight, its smooth, powerfull and reacts instantly to what ever is asked of it. Climbs are just so easy and un laboured, with all the T's and P's absolutly spot on. CHT are still well down even in a long heavy climb.

Hope to get lots of winter flying in after I have fuinished building the Sherwood ranger thats in my workshop eating up all my time. Boy, what a time consumimg kit ( read advanced plans ) this is. I could have built 3 Escapades in the time its taken to build this thing.

The UK market is pretty dire at the mo and I have not sold any engine here. Everyone who has flown behind my engine loves it and regards it as a good option to install in a Kit. What we can not understand is why we are not selling them its a complete mystery to us all.

Anyway, you all keep safe and fly safe and I will keep you updated more offen.

Mark Jones
Galaxy UL Engines Ltd
UK UL-Power Dealership
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