Lower Aileron Pulley Bracket

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Lower Aileron Pulley Bracket

Postby JackLeroux » Sun Oct 21, 2012 10:28 am

While installing my first Lower Aileron Pulley Bracket I followed the build manual and installed the bracket using epoxy adhesive and four CCP-44 rivets. When I pulled the rivets the mandrel separated from the body and mandrel head with very little pull. This was due to the increased material thickness from drilling through the Main Spar I-Beam. The result is that the mandrel head cannot flare the rivet body enough to provide the desired grip strength for this rivet.

On the second Pulley Bracket I measured the depth of the material with a rivet gauge and determined that this installation required a 5/16” rivet. I searched my shop for longer rivets but all I could find were the SSD48SSBS (1/2”) rivets provided by Just Aircraft. Amongst other things these rivets are used during the installation of the Lift Strut Brackets. The Lift Strut Bracket installation instructions on page 51, step 5 states to use the SSD48SSBS rivets where the rivets go through the I-Beam. I used these rivets as there were enough extras supplied with the kit. I removed the four CCP-44 rivets from the first bracket that I installed and wet installed four SSD48SSBS rivets in the existing holes. To wet install just dip the rivet into epoxy adhesive before you install it, this will ensure a barrier between the three dissimilar metals.

Some experienced builders may be aware of this issue but where I could not find references in the manual or on this forum I thought that I should share it with you. If I had access to CCP-46 rivets I would have used them rather than pulling away at a ½” rivet, perhaps next time.

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