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Corrosion prevention

PostPosted: Sun Feb 09, 2014 5:54 pm
by Bay State Flatlander
I am currently building Highlander Kit 331, I expect to be done with organizing/inventory reconciliation this weekend. Plan on having her on floats and exploring the brackish estuaries and salt water bays in New England. With that in mind I've being trying to educate myself on corrosion prevention and have read a number of forum posts.

I'd greatly appreciate thoughts/advice on the corrosion prevention process for those who have focused on this area.

I plan to either tubeseal or double linseed the frame. Thoughts on the pro/ con of either would be appreciated.
Corrosion X cables
Not sure on wing spar inner diameter prep, I've seen use of Corrosion X as a repeat process. Would you use this system again or go for something else (Never Wet?). I am concerned about the CorrosionX weeping out the tube ends and adversely impacting the fabric (will be using Stewart System).

Martin Nackman
Bay State Flatlander