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Any thoughts of trailering/towing your Superstol ??

PostPosted: Thu Jun 19, 2014 9:14 pm
by bizkid
Hi All

I live just 3 miles from the airport i will be flying from, there is no way for me to store my plane at the airport, no space in any hangars.
During the summer time its okay staying outside, but during the winter we get winds up to 100 kts, and a lot of snow.
so there is no doubt that i have to take my plane back home to my garage, every time the forecast isn’t to good.
I have been planing on buying a trailer, so i can take it home, but i have also seen some designs where people have designed tow bars on both kitfox and avid, to connect directly to the fuselage, and then lift the tail, on to the hitch of the car.

have anyone done this, like the pictures below, or would it work on a Superstol ??

would it be to heavy on the tail when wings are folded back ??

Whats your thoughts ??