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Re: flap return springs

PostPosted: Wed Apr 13, 2016 9:00 pm
by danerazz
Thanks for the feedback, fortunately the newer springs have had all positive results. I think most who got the originals have received the heavier ones. I know there are a few people still waiting for the recent run, and I apologize for the delay. I am solo with two young kids until my wife gets back in a couple months, and I have less time than anticipated...

They are coming, I promise! I have all the materials, just missing the time!

Re: flap return springs

PostPosted: Sun May 01, 2016 4:44 pm
by messenger
dane, I installed my springs when we got back from the bahamas, really easy, fit good and hold the flaps up steady. thanks for thinking of a solution. RLM

Re: flap return springs

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2016 7:45 am
by BucF16
Dane, I'm just starting my Highlander build, and have only worked on the wings, and haven't gotten to your springs. I have a couple of questions. I am pretty sure I have the original springs, which I think were intended to compliment the existing spring on the flap handle. I also intend on buying the Gen 2 flap handle. Do you have a suggestion on how I should proceed? New springs, original springs??

Thanks in advance,

Re: flap return springs

PostPosted: Mon May 02, 2016 10:06 am
by danerazz
You think you have my original, lighter-duty springs? If you have a dial caliper or micrometer, check the wire size, if it is about .078" then they are the light ones and I will replace them free of charge, if it is .093" or so you should be good to go. Your set is from February of last year, and I don't think I upgraded to the heavier ones until April or May, so I will get a set together and get them out in the next couple of weeks. You will use the same hardware, so don't lose it! There is no difference in fit or installation, just a higher-force spring, so you can install what you have if you need to do it now, but there is really no reason to until you are rigging the flap cables.

Either way, you can build with or without the stock springs, and mine are easily replaced or added later. I personally would just plan on NOT installing the stock springs for simplicity.

I am not 100% familiar with the G2 flap handle, but I do not think it changes how the flaps retract, so either way should be fine, as long as you have not changed to the SuperStol wings (totally different flap system).

Please PM me your current mailing address and I will get them out in the next couple weeks.