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Paint Scheme "Kevin Thorp"

PostPosted: Thu Aug 28, 2014 5:17 pm
by gkremers
My wife and I had an idea on the paint scheme but needed some help visualizing the final product. By chance I searched this site and saw a post on 3D renderings by Kevin Thorp. The post was older but thought what the heck, maybe he was still active on the site. Kevin was super easy to work with. We sent him several rough sketches and photos to work from and he designed several versions. The cool thing is he applies them to a 3D model of the Highlander. He added the side windows, scaled the tires to 850x6 and even added my style tail wheel. I never told him about the Roberts gear as that was changed after the design was finalized. He sent front, side and top views along with a really cool .wmv movie file that "flys" the camera around the plane 360 degrees so you can see the design from all angles. We made some minor modifications when we striped the plane but overall it's very close to the final design. The movie file was too big to attach but it's really cool.

Not sure if Kevin is still doing the Highlander designs but if he is and you need help visualizing the final product send him a note.

His name on this site is kevinthorp


Kremers Highlander 10a.jpg
Final side view rendering