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Re: Trailering

Postby moving2time » Mon Nov 03, 2014 9:41 am

Troy - First of all the plane looks awesome. I will be interested in trailering mine once it is built. Can you talk about the trip in a little more detail? I would assume that you followed the trailer. How did the wings take the wind while trailering? Did they look solid the way it was supported? How fast did you get up to durring transit? If you had to move it farther or faster would you try to elevate the tail to get the wing area more out of the wind. Things like this that might give us a better feeeling for how it handles being trailered. Based on all you have posted to date you will be the perfect person to detail these kinds of questions. Again, great job on your SS. Joe B
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Re: Trailering

Postby Familyflyer » Mon Nov 03, 2014 5:21 pm

Everything was solid. The wings never moved and the slats stayed putt with the use of the masking tape. We drove at about 50mph. The tail surfaces vibrated very little. Elevating the tail is a likely good idea for long trips. The big thing is to get the tail really supported so it can't move if you have it up on a stand. For me the biggest pain for trailering was getting the safety clip on the front wing pins, its a huge pain with no room to work to get the plan ready for flight.
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