Rotax SB-912-065ULR1 (floats)

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Rotax SB-912-065ULR1 (floats)

Postby gkremers » Mon Dec 01, 2014 8:18 pm

I got around to complying with the Rotax service bulletin this weekend. The left floats weighed in at 2.9 grams each which was fine. They looked fine when when the bowls were pulled, both floating just fine. I knew something was up as soon as the right bowl was removed, one of the floats was sitting lower than the other, not sunk but definitely lower. The pair should not weigh more than 7 grams after letting them air dry for 2 - 3 minutes. The right side pair came in at 7.7 grams, one was 2.9 and the other was 4.8. I let them sit for 5 hours and the heavy one still weighed 4.8 grams.

I called Lockwood in the morning and have another float (old style) being shipped. The SB says to replace them both but Lockwood and Leading Edge both said to only replace the defective float. I will be able to reuse the bowl gasket, good thing because Lockwood is on back order for the gasket. No news on when Rotax will have the replacement floats. You are supposed to comply with the SB every 60 days until "new" floats are installed, whenever that is. At $34.95 per float plus shipping I sure hope they come up with something soon!

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