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Re: Wing Fabric

Postby moving2time » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:31 pm

Thank you for the clarifications. I guess I don't remember seeing that the fabric was glued to the tank on any of the Highlanders I have studied. It will be an item I will look at more closely in the future. For some reason I have it in my mind that Just was calling for cork over the gas tank under the fabric. Perhaps I am getting aircraft confused. The fabric around the tank on Dan's (FlyChief) wings look awesome but as mentioned, I did not think that the tank was finished directly into the airfoil of the wing on the Highlander wing. Looks like an amazingly clean install. It must be beautiful in person. Joe B
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Re: Wing Fabric

Postby jjacky » Mon Jan 12, 2015 12:49 pm

Beautiful finish jobs guys. I went out looking for Pro Seal and they make a ton of stuff...What is the stock number of the pro seal you used (is it the stuff available from Aircraft Spruce?). And one more question...did every body glue to the the entire top of the fuel tank?....Thanks!
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Re: Wing Fabric

Postby Jack L » Mon Jan 12, 2015 4:00 pm


I also used Stewart Systems and installed my tanks in the same way that Gary did which is as per the manual. The idea is to set the tank in place with the adhesive provided by Just Aircraft as close to level with the top of the ribs as possible. I used small wood shims to level the tank in a bed of sealant, once cured I removed the shims and filled the voids left behind with the same sealant. The sealant holds the tanks in place and provides a rubber cushion between the tank and the aluminum spars. Don't allow the tank to go above the ribs and finally blend the tank to the top of the ribs with body filler, notice that Gary used very little filler. The idea is to get the top of the wing smooth all across the span while the bottom doesn't matter so much because the wood strip on the tank leaves a void and hides any inconsistencies between the fabric and the tank.


I applied adhesive to the top of the tank as instructed by Stewart Systems. I believe the reason is that the wing is being pulled up into the low pressure and the fabric is being pulled upward with the wing, something like this:

How_a_wing_works.jpg (30.66 KiB) Viewed 1508 times

Also, ensure that you get a good bed of Eko Bond on the bottom of the ribs, especially the wood strip on the bottom of the tank. This area is not being pulled in flight but it will sag and look like crap on the ground if it lets go.

As for Pro Seal If you know anyone that works around commercial or military aircraft they continually throw the stuff out as it expires, otherwise this stuff should be fine: ... key=149819 ... 0specs.pdf

I laid up some masking tape on a clean surface and cut the outside diameter and inside diameter of the opening leaving a 1/4'" gap between the two, I then transferred the tape to the gas cap and tank to allow an even 1/4" gap. Apply the Pro seal and tool it as best you can, this stuff is messy! Once partially cured wet your finger (varsol works well) and smoothen it out to get a nice finish. REMOVE the tape before it cures because once cured it will not let go of the tape. If you get any Pro Seal on any other part of your wing clean it before it cures, I use Varsol and a shop rag.

I hope that this all makes sense, if you have any questions PM me and I will give you a shout.

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