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RAF; Flathead National Forest comments needed for pilot use

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:05 pm
by Dave Krall CFII SEL SES
These are Highlander type Airstrip Trailheads at stake:

I can't get the RAF alert to paste here so please go to the free RAF site for easy links to make quick comment, it takes less than two minutes! Thanks Again to those that will do so.

Re: RAF; Flathead National Forest comments needed for pilot

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:33 pm
by SheepdogRD
Can you provide a link to help us find the alert on the RAF site?

Re: RAF; Flathead National Forest comments needed for pilot

PostPosted: Tue Apr 07, 2015 8:59 pm
by Dave Krall CFII SEL SES
The following is my brief but comprehensive preliminary email, FOLLOWED BY the letter from the RAF to me which appears to have transferred with hot links but not highlighted points to emphasize (they ARE textually included in my following brief). I'm not that computer savy to do much more, except I'd be happy to forward my email with the hot links and highlighted areas to anyone who PMs me. I'm working with RAF to find a more streamlined way to reach pilots with this vision on these ongoing important waypoints for all pilots, especially Highlander Type Pilots.

Dear USFS:

Please continue in The Flathead National Forest per CFR Title 36, PART 212—TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, §212.1
allowing equally along with other user groups; General Aviation use and camping on all existing airstrips, reopen closed airstrips to expand disabled persons' and all Citizens' access and create new Airstrip Trailheads to Primitive Settings as they have proven historically for decades to be very low in environmental impact, need no roads, can be cared for at no expense by Aviation Minded Volunteers, infuse income into surrounding communities, and provide safety havens for air travelers, fire fighters and SAR personnel.

Thank you again and please keep me informed of progress in this important matter.


David J Krall

The Flathead National Forest is revising its Forest Plan and we are asking you to please get involved. We have made a few suggestions and highlighted them below in yellow.

If you have questions please contact me, Ron Normandeau [email protected] or 406-529-5661.

The below references are specific paragraphs in the Proposed Action Document where it is appropriate to make comments addressing aviation interests in the document. Select one (or more) where you have a strong feeling, interest, or knowledge and in your own words write a comment on that subject.

The Proposed Action Document can be accessed at this link: ... width=full

The instruction on how to comment are included at the bottom of this document. Copy it and add your comments to the boxes.

Address this reference in your comment: Page 56, Chapter 2, Social and Economic Resources (S&E) Desired Condition (FW-DC-S&E), Paragraph 02
Your comments should address the economic impact that visits to the backcountry provide to communities bordering or near backcountry recreation opportunities.

Address this reference in your comment: Page 59, Chapter 2, Human Uses and Designations of the Forest, Recreation Settings and Opportunities Introduction
Your comments should address why airplane camping should be included in the list of developed and dispersed recreation opportunities such as horseback, hiking, hunting, fishing, etc.

Address this reference in your comment: Page 60, Chapter 2, Summer Recreation (SREC), Desired Conditions (FW-DC-SREC), Paragraph 02
Your comments should address the fact that airstrips provide an access method to primitive settings that require no roads. The airstrips already there are historic and have provided access for decades.

Address this reference in your comment: Page 65, Chapter 2, Infrastructure (IFS), Introduction
Your comments should address the fact that airstrips are a designated component of the forest infrastructure as defined in the Code of Federal Regulations. The CFR for reference:

Forest transportation facility. A forest road or trail or an airfield that is displayed in a forest transportation atlas, including bridges, culverts, parking lots, marine access facilities, safety devices, and other improvements appurtenant to the forest transportation system. CFR Title 36, PART 212—TRAVEL MANAGEMENT, §212.1 Definitions

Address this reference in your comment: Page 66, Chapter 2 Desired Conditions (FW-DC-IFS), Paragraph 12
Your comments should address that closed airstrips on the forest could provide alternate and additional access methods in areas where the airstrip already exists. Consideration of new airstrips would allow consideration of access without the construction of roads or trails.

Address this reference in your comment: Page 70, Chapter 2, Infrastructure (IFS), Guidelines (FW-GDL-IFS), Paragraph 11
Your comments should address that airstrip maintenance may be accomplished by the pilot community through the use of volunteer work agreements and scheduled weekend work sessions.

Comments on the Proposed Action

The release of the proposed action initiates the formal 60-day scoping period under the provisions of the NEPA. We value your input and encourage you to submit your comments as we modify the proposed action, develop alternatives for environmental analysis, and prepare an environmental impact statement. Comments must be received by May 5 (within the 60-day comment period commencing with the publication of the notice of intent in the Federal Register). The notice of intent is posted on the website (

The decision to approve the revised forest plan for the Flathead National Forest and the amendment for the Helena, Lewis and Clark, Kootenai, and Lolo National Forests will be subject to the objection process identified in 36 CFR Part 219 Subpart B (219.50 to 219.62). Only those individuals and entities who have submitted substantive formal comments related to the Flathead NF plan revision and the four amendments during the opportunities provided for public comment (beginning with this comment period), will be eligible to file an objection (36 Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) 219.53(a)).

Submit comments via email at [email protected], mail them to Forest Plan Revision, Flathead National Forest, 650 Wolfpack Way, Kalispell, MT 59901. If you prefer, download this instruction sheet from the website and input your comments into the following tables. Add rows to the tables for additional comments.


Affiliation/Organization if applicable


Email address

Flathead National Forest Proposed Action

Related to (part of the plan, or plan component identifier code)


proposed solution (If you have identified a concern)

We appreciate your help.

Ron Normandeau

RAF Montana State Liaison

[email protected]

Recreational Aviation Foundation
1711 West College Street
Bozeman, MT 59715-4913
United States
406-582-1RAF (406-582-1723)

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Re: RAF; Flathead National Forest comments needed for pilot

PostPosted: Wed Apr 08, 2015 11:40 am
by SheepdogRD
It looks like you've gotten the essence of it, Dave. Because the Forum uses a different coding system, it's hard to make documents look on the Forum pages like they do in email or on the Web.

I think the most helpful approach would be for the RAF to make these email documents available right on the RAF site. Then, if you want to get the information to Forum readers, you could simply post an overview and provide a link.