Dynon D180 amperage erratic

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Dynon D180 amperage erratic

Postby SuperFly » Thu Dec 17, 2015 11:08 pm

Hey guys,

I got my engine started for the first time tonight, all went very well, except my Amperage reading on my Dynon D180 was all over the place. It went from 2 to 26, and bounced around between constantly. I have the GRT hall effect sensor installed, not the shunt. Anyone have any experience with this? I have not even read into the manual yet, I had get everything put away after the engine run, and didnt think to look it up before heading into the house for the evening. Just thought it might be worth a shot on here.
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Re: Dynon D180 amperage erratic

Postby Wes » Sat Dec 19, 2015 9:13 am

Congrats on the engine first start! That's always a big milestone.

I've messed with Hall effect sensors some, but not that particular GRT device.
Some questions:
-where did you mount the sensor? (what part of the battery circuit?)
- with the engine not running, does the amp reading behave normally? (can you switch loads on/off and see the reading change?)
- do you have a way to look at buss voltage? how does it behave?
I would first check security of sensor wires (loose connections).
The Hall effect sensors are detecting the weak magnetic field surrounding the wire and are subject to erroneous readings if the wire moves relative to the sensing surface.
Especially if the orientation of the field changes.

Way-to-go on the engine start! If this current sensor is the only problem, I'd call that a great success ;-)
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