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Re: Fuel from carbs when parked

PostPosted: Wed Apr 06, 2016 1:09 pm
by marl59
Hi Rick,
FWIW reply here. I too had leaking carburetors in my 1600+ hour 912 ULS Highlander. I first replaced the needle valves. Still leaked. Then weighed and replaced two of the 4 floats that were out of spec. Still leaked. Polished the float needle seats with polishing compound and a Q-Tip per a Rotax mechanic's suggestion. Still leaked. Took the carbs to my friend Jeremy at Skyview Aviation in Tracy, CA and had him replace the brass seats for the float needles and rebuild the carbs setting up to factory specs. Replacing the seats is not easy but he has done it many times. He did a pressure check on them per factory specs. No more leaks! Altogether I spent about $600 to get to this point but hey, like I tell my wife often, "I'm not doing this to save money" :D To which she replies, "I know" ! Anyway FWIW. Good luck.