Superstol landing tips

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Superstol landing tips

Postby HB35 » Fri Sep 08, 2017 11:22 pm

Hello all, I'm a new Superstol owner. Been practicing landings and getting used to the differences in coming from a "regular" airplane (Citabria).

Just looking for opinions on a basic, run of the mill, Superstol landing. Not a high performance short-field landing, just getting it on the ground. Specifically, technique and power management.

I have a Rotax 912 big bore. I have been pulling back to 3500rpm, then full flaps on downwind, but experimenting after that.

Have been comfortable solo with a 60mph approach and near full idol on final. Today, I had a passenger and the weight difference seemed to really increase the decent rate at idol....not a landing to be proud of.

Didn't know if I should be maintaining 60, but carrying power???(how much?? Pull it at touchdown??)

Any advice, ideas, tips would be appreciated. Thanks in advance
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Re: Superstol landing tips

Postby danerazz » Sat Sep 09, 2017 8:19 am

I have never flown one, but 60 sounds really fast! And generally full flaps are not added until final when runway is made.

Again, no superstol experience, but as general technique it sounds like you are putting a lot of drag out very early with a very high approach speed. I am a fan of pulling idle abeam touchdown, beginning a 180 downwind to final while adding drag as necessary (maybe a notch abeam, another halfway through the turn, and all of it on short final; but adjusted to meet needs of that particular approach) for a steep power off approach and round out to arrest descent at touchdown. Manage speed with pitch, descent rate with flaps first and then power. That is how I flew citabrias, cubs, champs, Pawnees, Skyhawks, Skyhawk float planes, c120s, arrows, 152s, pacers, king airs (VERY SPECIAL CIRCUMSTANCES: NOT RECOMMENDED!) and MOST other planes.

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Re: Superstol landing tips

Postby SuperFly » Sat Sep 09, 2017 12:56 pm

I usually am at 60 turning base, pull the throttle back and nose up, bleed speed until slats pop out at about 46-48 mph. Pull full flaps, and push the nose back down, then fly rest of base at about 40, turn short final with rudder, and cross the numbers at about 33-35 mph. Add power as necessary to control decent, and at about 10' AGL, pull power to idle if not already there and hold her up with elevator until TW and or mains touch down. Airspeed indicator usually drops out before I touch down, then roll about 100-120 feet. Harrison had me flying a very tight downwind, get flaps out on down wind, then rudder turn it in almost a 180 to final, hold a fairly level attitude with elevator on final, and control decent with throttle. Worked very well, but I have a harder time hitting a spot in the runway consistently like that. Adding a passenger certainly changes the feel and the sink rate, just carry a few extra MPH on base and final, and add a bit more power to control decent. I would crap my pants if I was landing at 60 mph, that is smoking down the runway! ;)

I highly recommend you go get some transition training from Frank or Harrison (although I think Harrison is flying bigger equipment now a days and not doing transition training for Just anymore) Frank is a great guy, and will treat you right though! Not necessarily because you cant fly the airplane, but because this particular aircraft is so different in its capabilities from other airplanes. It (as you know by now) flies very different from a cub or citabria. It not bad, but different. Also for your comfort of this aircrafts envelope, I personally cant imagine not getting transition training in a SS, I feel so much more comfortable in it than I did before.

my $0.02.
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