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Grove TriGear Highlander For Sale

PostPosted: Thu Dec 14, 2017 5:38 pm
by MarkZ
I’ve been running this airplane over on Barnstormers and thought I might post over here. It belongs to my friend that has health issues and cannot continue in aviation. I’ve tried to keep a fair price at $72K negotiable but I’m sure he’d make a smoking deal for the interested party. This airplane was signed off in 2007 (s/n 79) and still has yet to accumulate 300 hours. I fly it fairly regularly and have kept the annual and transponder checks up for him. Bottom line is that I really would like to see it in someone else’s hangar. This airplane has a new Kiev prop (he wasn’t fond of the Ivo) and a gundrilled Grove main gear. Shoot me an email: fmarkzimmermann (at) (2ns on my last name) or call me 817 475 8745 and leave me a message (I’m like everyone else, if I don’t have contact info I’ll let it go to voicemail). This airplane is great fun and flies extremely well. It has a basic VFR panel with 2 comm radios and a Garmin 396. One radio (KX155) has a bad display but works fine; I typically just use the newer icom but I would think you might want to build your own panel anyway. It’s never sat outside overnight to my knowledge so the paint/fabric is in new condition. Give me a shout or come fly this airplane and check it out.

Re: Grove TriGear Highlander For Sale

PostPosted: Wed Apr 04, 2018 9:38 pm
by MarkZ
I’d like to bump this thread and say that I’ve still got this airplane. The owner is interested in moving it and will make a smoking deal for someone who is interested in a good airplane.