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Re: fuel sight gauge tubing

PostPosted: Sun Aug 11, 2019 12:02 am
by AV8R Paul
Alcohol yellows the sight gauges surprisingly fast. In my Kitfox, in tge 10 years I had it, I had to replace them almost every year during my annual. If your running 100LL the frequency of change was less. I purchased about 50 feet of it off of eBay, and just made it a ritual. It was a pain in the ass draining the tanks every year, but it had to be done. I plan on continuing the ritual on the SuperSTOL. it may be every other year, but I don’t want to risk a fuel leak.

[/quote="mac"]I've noticed my header tank sight gauge tubing is stretching. It also shows a light golden stain color. It's a polyurethane based material. Thinking it might be due to the alcohol (10%) in the fuel. No non-alcohol 91 octane fuel around here for my Rotax 914. Was wondering what others are using...........successfully? Anyone know what product the factory is currently supplying? Jak did mention the factory changes these lines annually, but I failed to ask him what is currently being shipped with the kits.

Any thoughts on this subject-matter would be much appreciated. I notice Spruce has a "Bing Alcohol Resistant Fuel LIne", but if you surf the internet, you can find negative comments about it. Of course, that's not uncommon with most anything! Ugh.

Thanks folks.[/quote]