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Kit 97, Piedmont South Dakota

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 12:31 am
by DaveU
Kit 97, Highlander.  In progress.  I finished covering the fuselage just now.  I still have to put the tapes on the fuselage, but all of the other parts are covered.  I plan to fit the cowlings by the end of the weekend and paint later in the month.  

I have enjoyed reading and looking at all of the other projects.  I have a box with a shiny 912uls.  No prop yet.  waiting on the Kiev.

Have had a great time building, and I think I might be half way or more with about 380 hours through this point.  Using Superflite for glue and paint.  love the superflite glue.  Havent used the paint yet.

What do you guys think about the Toucan exhaust for the rotax?


Wecome Aboard

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 9:45 am
by Wes
Dave,  Nice job on the kit.
Mine is kit # 95 and I am waaay behind you, - no fabric on yet although I'll probably start on the tail pieces soon.
My excuse is the swelter here in central Fl., although I hear the "up north" folks got it just as bad.
Haven't even begun to think about forward of the firewall.
I have thought about the prop though, and I like the Sensenich ground ajust. A bit pricey, but looks cool.
Good going on your project and post some more pics when you get a chance.
Where are the antlers going to be mounted?

PostPosted: Thu Aug 17, 2006 10:50 pm
by DaveU
Long story on the antler.  I think the one you were talking about is the top of a caribou shed I picked up in southeast Alaska.  That is when the flying bug really got me.  We went into the bush in a Dehavilland Beaver on straight floats.  I loved the ride.

I have been interested in airplanes since I was 10, but really did not take action until 2002.

The Beaver is a bit more than my flying mission calls for.  I want to be able to fly, not work to buy gas and oil.

Here is a picture from the day I rolled the plane outside, just completed, to take it apart and start the fabric.

happy building.


PostPosted: Tue Aug 22, 2006 12:22 pm
by alan
Looking good, Dave.

That roll out looks just like mine did, including the wires and tire sticker. It won't be long now.


PostPosted: Mon Sep 18, 2006 9:23 am
by DaveU
Update on my progress.  We have primed the fuselage, I sanded all the tape edges and the boo boos.  My brother sprayed the white on the bottom half of the fuselage last night.  We are really happy with the Superflite materials.  The gloss is incredible.  Just like the directions say, a light cross coat, wait ten minutes and spray a regular coat, done!  We used an Apollo HVLP turbine system for the paint.  I really like that machine.  Don't know why anyone would fool with an aircompressor for painting.

Red paint tomorrow.  Then the fuselage gets back on its own wheels and can roll out of the "booth" to make room for the tail feathers and wings.Image

PostPosted: Tue Sep 19, 2006 11:24 pm
by DaveU
The red went on the fuselage tonight.  I am pleased with the results of the paint job.  I am glad my brother can run a paint gun.

here is another photo just for funImage

Nice Paint

PostPosted: Wed Sep 20, 2006 7:49 am
by dauckjl
Hey Dave,
 That is a sharp looking paint job.  The gloss red looks great.  Can't wait to see it done.


PostPosted: Fri Sep 29, 2006 7:15 pm
by DaveU
Update on the project.  I have the tailfeathers painted and mounted on the fuselage.  The wings are in the booth drying now.  I am putting a red leading edge stripe on the wings, tomorrow if paint cures enough.  The flaps and ailerons are primed and waiting for paint.  Cowlings are primed and waiting.

good weather for a few days will help toward completing the paint.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:55 am
by DaveU
The panel is in the Highlander.  I am running the gazillion wires.  I can not imagine wiring a complex IFR, retractible twin engine plane.  I would go nuts.  Should be done wiring tomorrow.  Then get the wings on and try my hand at plexiglass.


PostPosted: Tue Oct 24, 2006 10:01 am
by KevinC
Dave - Really like the panel layout - you might have just changed mine!  I am planning to use the EKP gps and perhaps the AVEO engine monitor, but basically the same stuff.


PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 2:04 am
by DaveU
Today was the first engine run for the Highlander.  Went well, no problems.  I like the sound of the Rotax.  Airworthiness inspection scheduled for the 8th of November.

Here is a photo.Image

PostPosted: Sun Nov 05, 2006 12:21 pm
by KevinC
Wow, Dave - it really looks great!  You are getting close now.  Good inspiration.


PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:12 pm
by DaveU
The DAR just left.  He has pronounced Highlander N973U an airplane, with a special airworthiness certificate.  He had only one item he did not like.  He was not pleased with the Aircraft Spruce $4 fuel filter.  I have to replace it with a different model, we selected a part number from the catalog and I will put it on.  He may be right, a plastic body filter under the cowl is probably a bad idea.

Now that the airplane is ready for the first flight, I  need to get myself ready.  Biannual flight review, some currency training, making sure I still know how to land, etc.

first flight not scheduled, but should be yet this year.Image


PostPosted: Wed Nov 08, 2006 4:22 pm
by dauckjl
Congratulations Dave!  That looks like a great airplane.


PostPosted: Fri Nov 10, 2006 11:19 am
by alan
Congratulations!!!! If you can, fly from grass first, especially since you, like me, have to
bring yourself back up to speed from several years off flying. I find grass landings to be
much easier with the Highlander.

Alan, N1010Z, 88 hours so far.