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Empty Weight

Postby fly'nhi » Thu Dec 21, 2006 5:18 pm

Just curious what some of you guys with completed aircraft are seeing for empty weights.  The older video I got from Just claimed a 530 pound empty weight for the Escapade.  I know a guy with a Kitfox  4 that weighs almost 800 pounds.  He was tod that he would have an empty weight around 600.  Thing is, he tried to build light and doesn't have lots of extras on the plane to add weight.  In fact it was far less equipped than the factory plane that they claimed had an empty weight of 475lbs.  I understand weights will vary with builders and engine choices, but I am in the very early stages of choosing a kit, and don't want to end up with a plane that has about a 400 lbs. useful load because I am one of those "fluffy" guys.  The good load carrying capabilities claimed by Just are one of the things that attracted me to the airplane to begin with.  I could go get a Champ, Chief, of Taylorcraft if I didn't want to carry about 600 pounds occasionally.  

Also, why do I never see the gear legs of Just aircraft taildraggers covered?  I think a TD Escapade with the gear-legs covered and wheel pants would be a very classy looking plane, especially when done on something like the beautiful blue and white Escapade from Rio Creek!  Is there a reason besides weight savings or fear of tearing them up on rough fields?  The video I have claims a 702 pound useful load.  Even with builder variance, that seems like plenty of wiggle room to add some wheel pants, gear leg covering, and a nice spinner on the prop.  I also think that little "D" windows behind your head on the side of the fuse like on a Cessna 140 would look very good on an Escapade.

Thanks for any thoughts in advance.
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Postby DaveU » Fri Dec 22, 2006 7:57 pm

I built a highlander.  I built light.  I ended up with 675# with doors, oil and water in the engine, and minimal amount of gas.  1320 gross, minus 700 pounds is 620# including fuel.  I also was told the Highlander finished weight was around 620.

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Postby alan » Fri Dec 22, 2006 11:32 pm

All the literature states 600# empty weight. Full of oil and water, no interior except the seats, and no doors, mine came out @ 680#. I didn't add much, just a very light fishing pole tube in the back and probably too much Poly Brush and paint (I chose a color that didn't cover well) and full instrumentation (steam gages).

I called Just AC and said "What the hey?" They said it should be around 600 to 625#. I was disgusted. Jamie called back about an hour later and told me they were weighing one of their demo planes with a 3300 engine (20# heavier than the Rotax). It weighs 723#. I felt better, but why do they claim 600#?

And now about the gross weight. Troy told me when I bought my kit that the gross of 1320 was just so the finished plane would qualify for the Sport Pilot rule. You have a real time gross weight of 1520#. I personally weigh 250#. I took my brother-in-law, a 300#er, flying in my Highlander with full fuel, empty weight of 800# (or so...plus me 250, him 300) flying with no problem at all. 1350# and the take off roll was about 350-400ft. Plus I had some stuff in the back.

I am about to add some more weight, though. I just installed the doors and now am working on a full interior. What with the doors I will probably add 30# or so. If so, my offical full fuel pay load will be 510#. That's me and a 260# passenger and no cargo. Add that 200# cushion and there is nothing I can't do with this Highlander as long as I pay attention to the CG.

Now if I could just do something about the cruise speed.

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Postby billy5823 » Tue Apr 08, 2008 11:56 am

just weighed my higlander today .610 with doors /oil/coolant   i think i can build it lighter on the next one.
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Postby scubarider2 » Fri Apr 11, 2008 5:31 pm

Mine is 730 lbs...man, I knew I should not have put that HD full screen TV in the back for in-flight movies  :lol:
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