Installed Horizontal Stabilizer (photos)

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Installed Horizontal Stabilizer (photos)

Postby gme9261236 » Sat Jan 27, 2007 11:35 pm

used the advice from some of the others on this forum. To install the horizontal stablizers we leveled the plane by putting a level on the header rack and then adjusted each tire height so that the header rack was level to the ground. After that we went back to the horizontal stablizers. Knowing that the plane was leveled we put a 4' level on each horizontal stablilzer and then used 4 ratchet straps to level both horizontal stabilizers and the vertical stabilizer. Instead of holding the ratchet straps in place with clamps we just put wire through the hinges and hooked the straps on to that. Here is a picture with the level and the ratchet straps

ater we had the whole tail leveled the way we wanted it we made the fly wires. We used the advice of yet another user and used 3M blue painters tape twisted on the cable and it went through the nicopress sleave effortlessly every single time. We simply made one end of the cable and put it on the plane and then lined up the other end at the correct length and marked it with a marker and took it off of the plane and put the other end on it. Make sure that you use 2 or 3 washers on every end so that you have plenty of room to play with to ensure everything is perfectly level. After 8 cables it worked out well because we only ended up messing up one cable because of poor measurement on our part and once we took of the straps everything was still very level and tight. It will take some small tweaking to be perfect but it will be a simple task due to the extra washers. Here is the finished product in the tail. We had started to have shrinkwrap on the nicopress sleaves but after realizing on the first two we had not crimped the sleaves enough we had to cut off the shrinkwrap so we decided to forgo the shrinwrap completely since some would have been missing it. We will use that highspeed low drag tape that everyone has been talking about

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