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Friendly Advice on Taping From a Novice

PostPosted: Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:42 am
by scubarider
I am in the middle of priming and painting the plane.  It is my first attempt at such a paint job.  I have found no matter how perfect you can get the primer and paint that the taping/glue is a show through.  They recommend that you use masking tape to get your straight lines on your covering tapes for glueing.  I did that and got some really good results on lineage.  The problem came when removing the masking tape the glue left some pretty dominant lines.  I thought this would be covered with primer/paint.  It shows.  I covered the wing WITHOUT masking tape and just did a pencil line to keep the tape straight.  Brushed the glue with NO lines showing. This covered MUCH better with NO seeing the glue line.  Just some advice from a novice.  8)

PostPosted: Wed Sep 26, 2007 3:10 am
by Dave Krall CFII SEL SES
That's cool, gonna use that one for sure. Thanks!
We're starting paint as soon as replacement pigmented top coat arrives. Recalled first batch because of bubbles.


PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 8:42 pm
by scubarider
Another tidbit I learned from Troy.  Before covering the wings put some medical tape over the false ribs.  It is smooth and protects very well.  Works great.

another thing from a novice

PostPosted: Sun Sep 30, 2007 9:57 pm
by KevinC
I used a piece of lexan to draw my tape lines.  Ran a sheet through a friends table saw - 1 inch, 2 inch and 3 inch - then put marks at the half way point with a sharpie.  Line the sharpie marks up with the center of the tube I am taping over - two pencil lines down both sides and 'viola'.  It worked pretty well.

probably old news, but fwiw.