IO-550 problems

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IO-550 problems

Postby GeoffBrown » Thu Aug 12, 2010 11:41 pm

Hi guys,
Have a new IO-550-L in a C210 and its fitted with the JPI engine monitor. We have a big difference between CHTs and EGTs on different cylinders. No 1 should nearly be the hottest but its the coolest by a long way. No 6 should be the coolest but its way hotter than the rest. Theres over 100 deg F between the hottest and the coolest. Heres what we have done so far: Swapped CHT probes , swapped CHT leads, swapped injectors from cyl to cyl, renewed the cylinder assemblies, set up the fuel injection system, flow checked the nozzles, checked the Instrument display with an infra-red thermometer on the cyls. Paid a lot of attention to the baffles, and now...I'm running out of options. Nothing to date has worked. The instrument is accurate. Does anybody have any ideas or may have experienced this before. Thanks in advance. Reg's Geoff
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