Tales from the RAF

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Tales from the RAF

Postby Canberra Man » Thu Apr 15, 2010 12:44 pm

I have quite a few 'events' from my years with 617 Squadron at RAF Binbrook.
We are with 9 Squadron for this tale and Fl/Lt Ted Flavell is detailed for night bombing on the Thedlthorpe ranges. The flight there was no trouble and in due course they picked up what was assumed to be the the red marker for the target. The bomb aimer lined up and released a stick of 25lb smoke and flash. The light went out, congrats all round and head for Binbrook. When they landed it was a different story! The supposed marker light was the red fan light of the toilet at the Prussian Queen public house, luckily, time had been called quite a few hours earlier. Ted Flavell composed a song about the whole thing, it is sng to, "Oh dear what can the matrter be".

Oh dear what can the matter be.
Two old ladies locked in the lavatory.
Three old ladies locked in the lavatory.
Hiding from bombs, monday to saturday
9 Squadron knew they were there.

The first one name - Elizabeth Bonner.
She went away for safety from Donna.
But the bombs that were dropped, still fell uponh her.
For 9 squadron knew she was there.

The second ones name was Mary anne Styles.
She thought she was safe by 4 or 5 miles.
Till down came the bomb which banished her smiles.
For 9 Squadron knew she was there.

The third victims name was Mrs O'connor.
The other two ladies blamed it upon her.
But "Flavell" knew better, upstairs in his bomber.
For he knew the ladies were there.

The stories near over and sorry to say.
That 9 Squadron aircraft are bombing today.
So the ladies of Donna are moving away.
For the Prussian Queen pub is the target they say.
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