Help get me started?

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Help get me started?

Postby FowlDay » Sat Aug 08, 2015 7:04 pm

Ok. I want a little help here. I'm not an experienced aviator (200 hours) but I have a lot of different types in my logbook. LSA, GA, High performance, aerobatic, warbird, trike, etc. So I'm open minded to flying whatever. But ownership is the hard part for me. I have a GA lycoming 320 powered plane. And I need suggestions.

One is the famed "Can I re-register as experimental" pie in the sky question. Can I, and if so, how? What exactly are some known limits the FAA has placed on these re-registered planes?

If not, should I sell it and get something experimental? Maybe build it?

I don't really want an RV, or a sonex, but I want something aerobatic capable and with an average-to-decent powerplant range for it's weight. I don't know what to do or where to turn.
My budget is nothing over $35k.
I'm intimidated by the homebuilt aerovees in sonex, and by the things I've heard about jabs. So I don't want to mess with those. And an RV? WAY too hard to build and probably way too expensive.

I do not fly long XCs, so big cabin comfort is not a necessity. I don't prefer glass or steam gauge, either is good, and with experimental I have a choice anyway. It needs to be two seat, not single, because my spouse and I enjoy flying together, and I get lonely easily. :roll:

So, someone want to help me navigate the intimidatingly large bank of jumbled information on the web and give me some straight forward, for-dummies advice?

Thanks. :oops: :)
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