FAA User Fees - Time to FIGHT!

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FAA User Fees - Time to FIGHT!

Postby Sean_Caranna » Thu Feb 15, 2007 11:12 am

The most dire challenge to hit General Aviation since 9/11 is now upon us. The FAA, Airlines, and White House propose to raise our already high cost of flying.

What can I do?
Do your Homework:
Learn all you can about what is proposed and it's impact on air safety, equal access to aviation services, higher costs for GA, reduction or Loss of congressional oversight...
The list goes on... Go to: http://www.aopa.org/faafundingdebate/ to learn more.

Write your Representative and Senator.  Not tomorrow, Today!
http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_i ... rs_cfm.cfm

Attend an EAA Meeting and an AOPA Town Hall.  Bring up User Fees.
Get the media on our side.  Educate them on the dangers of this plan and it's potential impact. Talk to your fine flying friends!  
Use every resource and forum you can access to bring up the issue and spread the word that we MUST contact our elected officials and fight the big Airlines and FAA proposal to infringe on our access to the skies!

Lets conduct this grass roots campaign to keep aviation safe and accessible to all Americans.
http://www.WingsForum.com is opening a new forum for discussion and action in this fight!  Go there and share your ideas, successes, and failures in fighting User Fees.

AOPA President Phil Boyer wrote:"This proposal is nothing more than a cynical attempt to shift FAA costs to a different set of taxpayers, and to take control of the agency away from Congress and put it in the hands of unelected bureaucrats and airline executives."

EAA Vice-President of Government Relations, Doug Macnair wrote:"DOT and FAA have attempted to distract from the user fee issue in their public statements by saying that revenue from general aviation would continue to be collected via a fuel tax, but they failed to acknowledge that the fuel tax would be increased dramatically and a whole series of user fees would be implemented for FAA services that today do not carry a charge."

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