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Dangerous Cotter pins from Aircraft Spruce & Specialties

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:44 pm
by planecrazzzy
Dangerous Cotter pins from Aircraft Spruce & Specialties

.Hey Guys,
I've had it with Aircraft Spruce & Specialties...(A.S.S.)
The last straw... They tried to kill me.
They'll try to kill you if your not careful.

I bought hardware for my plane... AN... MS
With my hardware I bought 30 cotter pins.
After about the 10th one... I pulled the leg to secure a clevis pin... POP !!!
it broke off...Hmmm ?
I got a message about my order from A.S.S for reviewing products... I had sent it to the trash.
After the cotter pin broke so easy... I went back and found that review.
I wrote a simple review... and mentioned I hope they don't do that at 5,000 ft.

A.S.S. PR Nazis intercepted the review...
asked if I wanted a replacement... ( $.02 )
later... it dawned on me... THEY STOPPED ME FROM WARNING OTHERS !!!

Now I was ticked off... it brought back bad memories of them ripping me off by
putting a sticker ( miZer) on a NAVMAN fuel flow meter... and hiked the price from $125 to $350
Anything for a Buck ???
If I could have read a REVIEW... maybe I wouldn't have gotten screwed over...

Well , the cotter pin issue goes WAY beyond that... I bought 30 out of a LOT of 50,000
all they were worried about was REPLACING MINE...

What about STOP SHIPPING those... and recall them...

That would be BAD PR

I'm posting a couple of the pictures of this CHEAP crap they sold as AN - MS
You can see the NEW one has a nasty crack... just ready to break.
I haven't even looked at the other 17 in the bag...
( I have to remove the ones I just put on all of my controls.)

Buyer Beware... Too many stories and bad experiences with A.S.S.

My Wicks catalog is on the way.
But even then...
I will never use a cotter pin in my PLANE unless I look at it with my cheap computer microscope
I have contacted the FAA about this... I don't trust A.S.S. to recover those cotter pins
without supervision.
They are getting back to me in 24 hrs

I'm working with an editor of a magazine... If YOU have something to add... Write me
How many other reviews have they suppressed ?
Gotta Fly...

Re: Dangerous Cotter pins from Aircraft Spruce & Specialties

PostPosted: Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:50 pm
by planecrazzzy
Two things, been in the maintenance business a long time. The Faa only gets involved when someone gets hurt (plane or person) or if a new inspector wants to make a name for himself/herself.
The other I have learned is if your going to get them involved you better be squeaky clean, cause the person that starts the investigation almost always gets violated. They are not here to help.
That being said as an installer/maintenance guy it is you job to verify the parts your installing and nothing pisses me off more than an out of box failure.(a bad new part). I have an almost 50% ofbf rate on overhaul and new parts. I have ordered thousands of parts from aircraft spruce company's and have had very good luck with them


I understand what your saying...
I also understand this can be dangerous ...
To ignore it for my own protection is irresponsible to fellow aviators.
If Aircraft Spruce REVIEW system actually worked.
That would have been good enough... I tried...

But the PR Nazis wouldn't let something like that spoil their sales.
Writing a few forums only warns those close to me.
The FAA was "Peace of Mind" that it WILL get looked into.
Aircraft Spruce has had SHADY dealings with me... and others.

I did what was needed...
I filled out the FAA report today
Papers , Certs , Mfg , Pictures

Now they can track down 50,000 cotter pins
Gotta Fly...

Re: Dangerous Cotter pins from Aircraft Spruce & Specialties

PostPosted: Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:49 pm
by planecrazzzy
This is what happened when I put those cotter pins in my Controls.
This picture is my Right aileron control rod.
It's cracked so bad , it's barely on.

Bad part was , They are put on pointing down...
So I couldn't see it was broke until I use a
microscope camera on my laptop.

All because one of the cotter pins snapped off...
Hit myself in the eye with the needle nose pliers.
Then I looked at some NEW unused cotter pins from the order.

That's why I inspected the ones I put on my plane.
I will remove every one.
But not until the FAA is finished with their investigation.
Gotta Fly...


Re: Dangerous Cotter pins from Aircraft Spruce & Specialties

PostPosted: Tue Apr 04, 2017 2:55 pm
by planecrazzzy
more pictures