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Welcome to the FORUM. The purpose of this forum is to "formally" introduce yourself to other members. Please tell us about your flying, hobbies, interests, etc. etc.

Welcome to Wingsforum.com

Postby Sean_Caranna » Sun Dec 19, 2004 6:21 am

Hello Friends,

"They" say that a picture is worth a thousand words. The ability to attach spreadsheets, documents, and CAD files can speak volumes.

http://www.WingsForum.com was created because the email based groups that many of our fellow homebuilders and pilots use just can't compete with the forum format for organization of topics, searching information already covered by a group, and relevancy of information presented. I can't tell you how many HOURS of my life have been wasted scrolling through off topic threads and information irrelevant to my search on Yahoo, Google, and MSN groups. Lets face it, if you are looking for info on your spar why should you need to scroll through 30 email post on firewalls 5 about rudders and 2 about nothing at all?

At http://www.WingsForum.com you will find topics well organized, pictures and relevant files directly attached to their post, and all on one site. No email-based group can match this utility. Not to mention the hundreds of emails that will no longer be clogging your inbox.

Even with all of these advantages many of our fellow builders and pilots can be resistant to change. Sometimes change is hard, even if it is for the better.
You can help by encouraging your fine flying friends to make the move to Wings Forum. Those of you who have related web sites can post links to http://www.WingsForum.com

Best of all, you can keep posting here and sending me suggestions for improving the site. The better the information available, the more of our brethren will come.

If you currently run an experimental aircraft related email list, BBS or forum and would like to make the switch to www.WingsForum.com send me a Private Message and I'll get you all set up.

This site is 100% free to use and enjoy. It will always be free for members and moderators. I will never allow popup ads or screen covering flash ads on the site.

Thank you for your continued support,

Sean C. Caranna
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