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Tidewater Newbie, looking for advice

PostPosted: Tue Oct 07, 2008 9:39 am
by Sir Real
Hi, folks!

The title may be misleading, since I've been looking at the Just Aircraft board for a couple months now. I'm in SE Virginia and nosing around for information. I want to build, and I have a few requirements:

A) Big enough in both room & payload to fit me (6'4", 280 lbs) and my shorter but better half (5'4", less than 200 lbs)
B) Relatively easy to build
C) Side-by-side seating is extremely important, but not a dealbreaker
D) LSA is nice, but not required
E) Good short field capabilities are nice, but not required
F) Speed is nice, but not required

I've been hanging around on the Just board because it looks like the Highlander may suit all of the above needs & desires except for speed. But can anybody advise me of any other options?